Friday, May 14, 2010

alphabet party!

Meet Max, the newly-turned two year old! He is modeling the alphabet shirt that grandma made for his party. I'm finally blogging his party...only a month after, not bad, right?!

The table:

The invites:

This was my plan for the invites...I sewed together two sides of the invitation with red yarn and put the name of Max's friend inside! Unfortunately, mommy wanted to invite her friends too, so I ended up just printing the invites on the front and back, but I loved the idea! I found these little wood letters at the dollar store to make the names.

Here is the party hat my mom and I made for Max...I am so in love with it that it is still being used as my table centerpiece in my kitchen!

Too bad Max hated it though...

His birthday cake! (See next post for a tutorial!)

These cupcakes were simple...but there is just something about piping up the frosting that makes them sooooo cute! I found the mini-letter tiles at Wal-Mart.

A couple of the party guests...

I made party hats with letters glued on for Max's little friends.

Decor...M&M's, letter stamps, alphabits, and letter beads.

My mom made this darling alphabet tablecloth for the party. Picked up the plates at Zurcher's.

My grandma found alphabet letter candy at Cost Plus World was a HIT!

Max's banner:

We decorated the floor with these alphabet tiles to match the cupcakes!

My favorite part of the party was these alphabet tater-tots! The party was at 10 am so we served them for breakfast. I found them at Harmons.

More decor...

My friend Kara found these AWESOME Dick and Jane style vintage letter books at Costco, and let me borrow the letters to Max's name.

My favorite quilt from my mom...guess what it has on it! Numbers! Just kidding.

We found these huge letters at Jo-Ann's and spray painted them blue.

I was going to hand out little bags of alphabits as favors with a letter stamp attached, but I ran out of time! (as usual...)

This is the thank you I sent out to the guests!


  1. What a cool party! Such great ideas - love the theme!!

  2. we had a great time! You're so creative!

  3. Wow! What a great party- I love the alphabet theme! Thanks for sharing all of the great decor ideas, I'll be linking.

  4. You have such a gift for photographing children! When it's my turn (FINALLY), You're hired!!

  5. 1) your photography is awesooome!
    2) Max is adorable
    3) I LOVE the hat you made for Max!!

  6. I love this post! I'll be featuring this at for our DIY Literacy Projects. These ideas are AMAZING. Thank you!