Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bert Cupcake Pops!

I think this is my favorite creation. (Sorry for the mug shot, Bert!) I have been thinking about how to make Bert's head right since I made my Sesame Street tower. I noticed the other day that my Wilton silicone brownie pop pan was the perfect shape! So I used cake mix in the pan to create Bert's head.

Hair=black frosting using a hair decorating tip (any ideas on how to make it stick up higher?)
Skin=yellow frosting
Ears=yellow M&M's
Nose=orange M&M
Mouth=reddish pink frosting and half of a sour patch kid
Unibrow=black frosting with a skinny, flat tip (don't know what it's called!)
Eyes=white and black frosting using a round tip


  1. so cute!!! Trevor pointed right at it so it obviously looks just like Bert!