Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bacon-wrapped Turkey Kabobs

I think I figured out why I haven't been into cooking until now.

1. Getting out a cookbook and following a recipe makes me yawn (hence my addiction to creating cupcakes).
2. Recipes look too complicated and I don't know if they'll even be worth it. (I'm a fan of simplicity.)

But we need to I decided to start with my head rather than a cookbook.
I thought about the best things I have eaten, which led me to think of the bacon-wrapped turkey I had at Rodizio Grill located in Trolley Square. I decided how I would try to interpret it, and the result is this recipe that is so good, we wolfed it down and the only sound you heard in my house was /m/. (Our dogs can also testify to this.)

I am miserably sick today (don't worry, you won't be infected with swine flu, it's just a cold!), but thankfully my husband loves to cook. As a matter of fact, he once told my friends that he wanted to join the CIA. They were incredibly impressed. But once he clarified that it was the Culinary Institute of America, not so much.

Bacon-wrapped Turkey Kabobs by kitchen doughdough

You'll need:

Turkey cutlets from the meat section of the grocery store (photo from

Apple Juice-enough to submerge turkey cutlets, approx. 4 cups

1/3 T Onion Powder

1 T Soy Sauce

Bacon (America's Test Kitchen suggested Farmland's Hickory Smoked Bacon, and it was really yummy!)


Step 1: Cut the turkey cutlets into strips. Put them in a flat dish (we used 9x13). Add enough apple juice to cover the cutlets. Add onion powder and soy sauce, stir. Marinate for 20 minutes. (I guess my husband wanted to be a part of my blog, so he added his hand to the pic.)

Step 2: Crank up the grill and let it heat up while the turkey is marinating. Soak skewers in water. (This is something the hubby decided to do, maybe he learned it from the CIA?)

Step 3: You're ready to make the kabobs. Take a turkey cutlet, wrap it in one piece of bacon, then "zig-zag" it onto the skewer like an accordion. Make as many as you have meat.

Step 4: Grill on medium-low to medium heat, turning as needed. Cover and check often. They are ready when they are cooked. I've just discovered the drawback to making up your own recipe when you are a kitchen doughdough...I don't know how to describe things correctly! I'm working on it!

Step 5: Use the applesauce to dip the kabobs as you enjoy!

Note to self:
1. Figure out the right terminology for my recipes.
2. Check the grill after hubby picks up dog feces on the lawn. Today when we opened the grill there was a bag of feces left from the last time he cleaned up the grass. He suggested we grill it and call it "kitchen doodoo." Lovely, honey.

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