Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brownie Pops 1

At Sur La Table last week, I discovered Wilton's brownie pop silicone baking pan and had to have it! Tonight I did my first trial and they turned out very cute! I ran out of time before we were expected at a friend's house, so they are decorated simply with powdered sugar. I have a better idea for my brownie pops 2 post! There was too much batter in each cup (they looked like mini-cupcakes on top when I think they were supposed to be more flat), so next time I'll try to fill the cups only halfway.

We also made mini-brownies in mini-cupcake cups...which is a great way to eat a brownie. Usually when we make a pan of brownies, we are lazy and never end up cutting pieces for a plate. We'll keep a fork in the pan and every time we walk by, we take a bite. This time we were able to just pick up a mini brownie!

They were a hit with the kids at our friends' little get-together! My son LOVED it! He had his first lollypop the other day, and he is now apparently obsessed with eating things on sticks.

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  1. So cool! They look awesome!

  2. I saw this on TV recently and it reminded me of the brownie pops without the pan.

    Hope this link works