Saturday, May 2, 2009

My trip to Highland and the cupcakes I picked up along the way

I call it a trip because I have to drive so far to get anywhere! The hubby watched the babe today so I could get out of the house. I went to one of my favorite boutiques, Dear Lizzie, in Highland, UT. It is SO cute! And pricey. I had to force myself not to buy some adorable cupcake things. I was, however, going to buy a cupcake, but their cute little bistro was sold out of them! So I went across the street to Subway to eat lunch. It may not be a fancy bistro, but hey, it was cheap!

LOVE the cupcake frame...I may need to make something like it for myself.

My next stop was a store I'd been meaning to go to for awhile. It's owned by the same person that owns Dear Lizzie, it's a children's store, it's called LaDeDa Baby Chic, and it's adorable! (They also have maternity clothes.) Two thoughts came to my mind while I was, that I want to have a baby girl, and two, that I can't look closely at the boy things or I would leave in debt. Look at how LOVELY this store is:

Across the street was Blue Lemon Restaurant and Bistro. I definitely liked the ambiance...I want to go back with the hubby for dinner at the restaurant. (Mr. architect will like the modern design.)

I arrived to try the cupcakes at the bistro and ended up signing up for a cake decorating class with their pastry chef. (Anyone want to do it with me? It sounds so fun!) There wasn't a huge cupcake selection...but it was after 5 on a Saturday, so what did I expect? I had a chocolate cupcake that was good (I'm not a huge choco fan)...the cream cheese frosting was yummy. I look forward to trying something else at the cooking class...hopefully the ones with Swiss meringue buttercream that I read about on Utah Loves Cupcakes. Now that I think about it, maybe they were on the dessert menu...I guess the hubby and I better go on our date soon!

On the way home, I bought more cupcakes...I'll give them a separate post.

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