Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My favorite cupcake

I've said a lot of cupcakes are my favorite, but this one still is. My husband brought it home from Mini's the other day! What a guy. I'm so glad they opened a store near his office! What really makes me buy a cupcake is fillings. This lemon mirengue pie cupcake is perfect. Mmmm. I want one now!

I have lots of fun cupcakes that I am ready to bake-I just need to find the time! I've been so busy with my photography biz. I still plan on learning to cook...so far, not much progress. I'm excited to go to Seattle this week and learn from my mom ! (You'd think I'd have learned growing up, but no, I was too busy socializing!)


  1. Mmmnn! Great blog your mom has!

  2. I love Mini's lemon meringue cupcake! I'd have to say it's in my top 3 favorite of all the ones I've tried from various bakeries.