Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Cupcake

If you haven't tried So Cupcake yet, you've got to go! 3939 South Highland Drive in Salt Lake City. It is such a cute store with tons of tasty flavors to try! I bought the one below for my aunt's birthday...and forgot to drop it off. It ended up a huge melted mess in my car and I'm just realizing now I never brought anything for her birthday. Oh my. What a terrible waste of an awesome cupcake!

Below are some of the colorful selections! Visit their website at!
They also have really cute cupcake things for sale...I loved these cards!
They have a fun board with polaroids and "SO..." written on them. And a great pic of their cute daughter meeting Emeril! She's an example to me of following your dreams!
LOVE their open sign! SO clever. haha.

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