Friday, July 31, 2009

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

I think these are my favorite cupcakes EVER!! It's just too bad I have nothing planned to do with them! Anyone having a Finding Nemo party today?

When I searched the net for Finding Nemo cupcakes, I couldn't find any besides fondant fish on I thought I'd better create a whole tower! Oh, and the cupcakes are a recipe I made up with mandarin oranges in it. I'll get around to posting it sometime...

I love Bruce! Everything is frosting except for the eyes are mini choco chips and the teeth are slivered almonds. Oh, I cut the fins from thin cookies that I got from Ikea.

I love Crush too! Isn't he fun? Sloppy, but fun ;) This was the last one I made and you can tell! It is all frosting except for his eyes have candy melts tucked in the frosting.

So you are probably wondering what these are supposed to be...the orange ones are Nemo's brothers and sisters that didn't make it past the beginning of the show :( The eggs are a nice tribute to them though ;) In front is the "butt" (If you haven't seen the movie, Nemo calls the boat a butt) with divers (sour patch kids) in it and one in the water.

Here's Nemo and a Marlin that doesn't look right...they are swimming next to their anenome home made from twizzler pull and peels. Nemo and Marlin are made mostly of frosting, with candy melt eyes and cut orange slices candy for their fins.

Last but certainly not least is Dory. This one was really hard. I really wanted it to look like Dory, and since she is skinny, I didn't want to just use the top of a cupcake. So I used two large, oval butter wafers and stuck them in the cupcake. That is why it is lopsided...the cupcake didn't stay together. But I fixed it with frosting and spent awhile crafting this out of frosting and a couple more wafer pieces for the fins. The eye base is white candy melts. I didn't get it quite right. Oh well, it was still fun to make!


  1. Very cute...I didn't get the "Dory" though..don't really remember the movie but I loved the shark - you should make an entire shark tower for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! xo, Mom

  2. These look like so much fun to make! I really hope you make it to the show!

  3. I love these! Haleigh saw them and thought they were so cute! She loved this movie when she was Trevor's age and watched it non-stop!

  4. Just gave you an award! Happy baking!

  5. They came out so cute. Too bad you had nothing planned with them.

  6. These are super adorable, and so creative :)

  7. Found this blog while looking for some Finding Nemo treats to make as refreshments for a fish funeral, my friends have had the same 5 cent goldfish for 4 years so we have decided they needed a proper funeral and these cupcakes are perfect.