Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost Party

I've been so excited for my turn to host the monthly movie night for a group of girls in my neighborhood! I've been collecting some really cute tropical ideas, I've been dying to make Lost cupcakes, and Lost is my favorite show (after Frasier, but it isn't on anymore), so it was a perfect theme! Above are the invites...with my personal info changed, of course...I don't really live on "john doe"-doe street. :)

This is also a perfect post to celebrate Lost's Emmy nom for Best Drama! Yay! (Even though the actors were ignored...)

So now it's time for some doughdough-ness. Make that dodo-mess.

So I've tried twice now to make a blue jello mold with swedish fish in it. You can see what a success the first one was...NOT! I thought maybe I didn't refrigerate it long enough...or maybe it was all the non-stick spray I coated on the pan...not to worry, I thought, we all have recipes that don't work the first time, I'll just do it again!

Here's attempt #2:
Oops. I'm notorious for having butterfingers.

Lovely. And I'm not just talking about the weird use of flash and the shadow in my picture!

One of my friends suggested maybe I needed to use a Jello Jiggler recipe since it makes a firmer mold. I thought I must have read the recipe wrong, but no! It just said to follow a regular jello recipe. So I give up. For today! Someday I'll have that perfect jello ring mold to create the luau centerpiece by Lori Needham that I saw in the June/July 2003 edition of Taste of Home magazine. The mold had a pineapple in the center with fruit kabobs coming out of it.

I also got the idea for this palm tree in the same article:

Isn't this fun? The palm tree "leaves" are made from green peppers, the trunk is a carrot, and the "island" base is half of a potato! It was super easy to make, as long as you are able to take your time so you don't slice your finger like I almost did! You can see my jello mold salvage...I actually think it looked more like water than the mold would have. You can also see that the Swedish fish have a major case of pruny-ness from being in the water too long!

Since this blog is supposed to show that I am learning things, I'll share my new to cut a melon! Okay, I won't really tell you because I'm sure you know and you are laughing at me right now. I honestly had to ask my friends how I should cut the melon and serve it. (If you're thinking that means I wasn't ready when my guests arrived, you're right! I'm always running late, which is why I could never be a party planner.)

When I went to get a bowl for the melon, I decided to put it in the melon instead! Cute, no?

Plates and napkins for the party:

Last, but not least, Lost cupcakes! I LOVE these! I got the idea for the plane and sand from myaimistrue's lost party post. (Check out her fish biscuit cookies, too!) My husband came up with the idea to put Jack on them...okay, I think he said one of the characters, I picked Jack.

Here's another tropical party idea that I saw in a magazine awhile ago, and I can't remember which one! Pirate chests made from Swiss Rolls! I thought they were cute with Rolos or gold coins. Aren't they fun? Great for a Pirates of the Carribean party!


  1. it's all great!!!

  2. So cute! What great ideas. I think the not-perfect Jell-o looks way more like water than it would had it turned out perfectly.

  3. can you post a link to the article where you got the potato-carrot palm tree idea? or tell me how you made the rivets in the carrot to make it look like a palm tree? thanks!

  4. Hey there Linds- Long time no talk/see... Not sure if u've tried this... u didn't say. But, have u tried putting the bottom of the mold in REALLY hot water for a minute or two?... It will usually unmold pretty easily then. I learned this making a 'brain' for my husband's halloween party last year. haha.

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Maleah, I haven't tried that, thanks for the tip!!

    silvrsky-Unfortunately, there isn't a link to the article! I wish there was because it is so cute! I made the rivets with a was super easy! Just take the knife and push downward, keeping a really thin slice. Then start at the same place next to it and continue around the tree. Then do a series of cuts above. On the green pepper, cut off the top and make cuts up and down. It's pretty easy to imitate...I just used the picture in the magazine to make mine. :)

  6. I want to hug your blog!!!!!! Losties unite. Guess what our next them party is going to be!!!