Monday, June 15, 2009

Messy Mondays

Be a guest blogger on kitchen doughdough: I want to hear about your messes!

Last night after baking strawberry shortcake cupcakes (they were coming soon!), my kitchen was again a disaster. Every time I bake I have the hardest time keeping things clean and organized. Scroll down to the end of this previous post to see an example. (Shameful, I know.)

So, I thought, why not give the world's kitchen doughdoughs a chance to show off their kitchen disasters?! Please email with your kitchen catastrophes and include pictures if you can! You can submit pictures of the aftermath of your culinary experiences, a story of a good meal gone bad, accidents in the kitchen-anything you think is an entertaining mishap! I am SO excited to hear from you. I will feature your submissions each week on Messy Mondays! (My Mondays are always messy whether I'm in the kitchen or not!)

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