Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

This is my IronCupcake:Earth entry for June's Summer Berries challenge! These turned out to be one of my FAVORITES!!! This was also the first recipe I completely made up and just gave it a try...although I have become pretty knowledgeable about what/how much goes in a cake recipe, so it wasn't too daring! What I loved about the recipe is I tried it by just combining ingredients and not really paying attention to any steps...if you are like me, you don't like having to pay too much attention to recipes! The dense, coconut-y cupcake went perfectly with whipped cream and strawberry glaze! I was SO excited with the results. I am just loving how cupcakes turn out when you add coconut milk.

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

Dry ingredients

2 1/2 cups cake flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar


Wet ingredients

1 14 fl. oz. can full fat coconut milk (or 1 2/3 c.)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 egg whites


Combine and beat the mixture. Put in cupcake liners or grease pan. Bake at 350 until a toothpick comes out clean. Easy, huh?!

Whipped Cream

I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to make whipped cream! Just beat heavy whipping cream until it forms soft peaks, add sugar to taste, beating after each addition!

Strawberry Glaze

I used a package of Junket Danish Dessert Strawberry Pudding/Pie filling/Glaze. (Anything similar would work great!) Then I put strawberries in a food processor and added them to the glaze. I made cuts in the top of the cupcakes so the glaze would soak into the cupcake. (The cupcakes are so dense that just poking holes with a toothpick wasn't enough!

The final touch was my favorite: strawberry pocky sticks!!! I am now addicted to them! They are Japanese biscuit sticks with strawberry cream on them. (See top picture.)

One last thing...any idea what I tried adding to some of the cupcakes?

I thought I was SO clever when I thought of adding gum to a cupcake...yeah, not so much. They sunk to the bottom while baking, and of COURSE they melted. What was I thinking? (Well, I was thinking strawberry gum might be a creative addition to my entry...)


  1. Great entry! I love that you made the recipe up! I like the sound of cupcakes with coconut milk and strawberries! :)

  2. wow---those cupcakes look delicious. I LOVE strawberry shortcake. What a fun twist this is.... great idea!

  3. Wonderful creation! I hope you're going to participate in the Virtual Cupcake Crawl.

  4. Did you ever go downstairs to see what glaze you used? ;) These look so yummy I can't wait to try them I just want to get it right so share the glaze please.

  5. Hey Debbie! Thanks for reminding me! I think I better look for other spots that I've said I'll check something! SO sorry about the wait...The glaze is Junket Danish Dessert, strawberry Pudding/Pie Filling/Glaze. I'm sure if you can't find that brand, any other similar strawberry mix would work great!

  6. Wow Lyndsey, That was must spend as much time online as I do! lol I saw you on Good Things Utah the other day and decided to check out your blog. I have just recently started my cupcake obsession and LOVE reading about your adventures in the kitchen.

  7. OK, I'm making these today for a family get together. Another couple of questions for you... did you use the pie glaze or the fruit sauce recipe on the box of Danish Dessert? Did you put it on when the cupcakes were hot or cooled? One more random question... have you ever used the silicone cupcake pans? Sorry for all the questions!

  8. No problem on the questions helps me do a better job of posting details! :) Good question...I used the fruit sauce directions on the box. The cupcakes and the glaze were warm/room temperature, but not hot. I didn't chill the glaze. I have used a silicone brownie pop pan, that works great, but I haven't tried silicone cupcake pans yet.

  9. Well I made them... using the silicone cupcake pans. They turned out GREAT! The family raved and said they were the best cupcakes ever! Thanks for sharing the recipe AND for the personalized tutorial on how to do it. ;)