Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Totally spaced it on Messy Monday!

It is barely Tuesday, so hopefully you'll forgive me. I'll tell you what I was doing all day on Thursday's post...

But for now I do have a funny story to share! I laughed out loud at this submission from Frieda of friedalovesbread.blogspot.com! Perfect for a messy Tuesday...

"I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. My boys gave it to me for my birthday several years ago, knowing that they would be the beneficiaries of home baked goodies. 51 weeks later, I was making some wheat bread dough, which takes quite a bit longer to knead than the traditional white dough. I decided to leave the kitchen "just for a moment." The smoke alarm came on. I went back into my kitchen and my Kitchen Aid was on FIRE! Flames were spouting out of the sides of the on/off and lock switches! The flames were only centimeters away from the underside of my cabinets...I yanked the cord out, pulled the mixer away from the cabinets and waited for the flames to die down.

I called Kitchen Aid and they said, "What?! Your mixer caught on fire? What were you doing?" After giving them the details, they reminded me that I still had one week left on my original first year warranty. They sent me a brand spanking new mixer, complete with a shipping label to return the fried one.

I am happy to say this mixer has served me well over the 15 years, though I still watch it closely...

Too funny! Who knew a mixer could go up in flames...and not just any mixer, the famed Kitchen Aid! Thank goodness it happened on week 51, and thank goodness for Frieda's story to give us a laugh!

Submit your messy kitchen stories and/or pictures to kitchendoughdough@gmail.com!

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