Monday, April 13, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Party

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The wild things were at my house for my son Max's first birthday! I love parties, especially when there is a theme involved. I threw lots of parties for my third graders when I was a teacher. However, I'm not quite used to entertaining adults (see my note to self)! But wait, wasn't the party for my son? Okay, we all know first birthdays are more for the parents. Max and his little friends had a great time too though!

The guest of honor was dressed in this adorable Max costume from the book!

Here is the cupcake tower I created for the party. Click on the pic to get a close-up of the cupcakes. (There is more info on my inspiration and recipes on my cupcake tower post.) My mom made the cake/cupcake toppers of Max from the book with my Max's face on it. I bought the Where the Wild Things Are cupcake topper rings from ebay. The kids at the party took home the rings as party favors.

Here's my Max with his monster toy that I ordered from Amazon. I'm still waiting on a Max bobblehead that I ordered-they sent me a Maxwell Smart instead! We used the big floor puzzle that has a picture from the book to entertain the kiddies for a little bit.

I created Max's boat out of butcher paper, mimicking the one in the book that Max uses to sail to "where the wild things are".

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I love the new banner pieces you can buy...I picked the colors and letters I wanted and added pictures of the monsters from the book to complete the banner.

I used a crown cookie cutter for these "king of the wild things" cookies. They were delicious! I used my mom's sugar cookie recipe...I'll bake some more soon and post the recipe-you've got to try it!

Here's the awesome table cloth my mom made. I scanned the pictures from the book and she ironed them on using photo transfer paper.

Daddy read the book to all the kids at the party. They were riveted! Below is another pic of my little king of the wild things. My mom made the adorable costume because I had to have him dressed up as Max from the book! I added the wolf tail and made his crown. I bought a crown at a party store, cut the top into points like the book, and added the wolf fur to the crown. He also had a royal scepter rattle to complete the look.

Note to self: Next time I throw a party 1) bake a little the night before (hopefully it won't be Easter next time!) 2) be ready when your guests are instructed to arrive (yes, I was still frosting cookies and filling the punch bowl as they were arriving) 3) don't let your husband fill up the pitcher (he left it filling up on the fridge water dispenser and it spilled all over the floor...yes, the guests were there to witness it) 4) clean up ALL of the dog feces from your yard (even though my hubby picked up the feces from the main part of the yard and it was out of the way, it was still a faux paw, as you could see some at the side and I'm sure it wasn't very appetizing!)


  1. what lovely ideas (especially that darling costume!) i've already linked from my blog. thanks for sharing your creativity :)

  2. Where did you purchase that costume for your Max?? I am so wanted to do this for our next party!!

  3. I just wanted to thank you for so much great inspiration for my son's own Where the Wild Things Are party!!!! Those wild thing cupcakes were so easy to make and so cute! Thanks!

  4. You're welcome, everyone!
    Heidi, my mom made the costume-we were having a heck of a time finding one so we made what we wanted! :)

  5. Lovely party. Would you be willing to share your amazing Max cupcake toppers?