Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ta-DA! Say hello to sock monkake!

Yay! I created a sock monkey cupcake that looks like a sock monkey! It was a LOT harder than I thought, but I now know what I am doing. It ended up being more like a mini-cake...but it is made of all cupcakes. Here is what I ended up doing:

The hat and ears are pieces cut from a cupcake. The nose is an upside down mini cupcake. I added the eyes (made from Oreo cakesters...I just pulled off the cake part and rolled it in my fingers to look like eyes) and frosted the ears and then used long chocolate sprinkles and clear sugar sprinkles to frost the white frosting. Next, I added the raspberry part of the newton, frosted the snout around it with white frosting, and added clear sugar sprinkles. I added more frosting to the hat (and clear sprinkles) and face and used a small round tip to pipe the hat, after coloring some frosting red. The final touch was two chocolate sprinkles on the snout.

Now that I've shown the final, here are some of my prototypes:

My original idea was to slice off the end of a raspberry newton...I still think it's a cute way to make them.
Here's one with the ears made of the Oreo cakesters.

I found a cute way to make sock monkey cupcakes easily if you aren't into cake cutting and here to see.


  1. Very cute and YUMMY looking!! I would not want to eat it. thanks for sharing,Amy

  2. Hello!

    I was catching up on Good Things Utah the other day and saw the episode you were in. I have included two posts about you on my blog today because I think you are amazing. I've linked back to you, but if you would prefer that I take the posts down, just let me know. I would love to keep posting and linking back to you. You are so talented and creative!

    Jenifer Gordon