Monday, April 27, 2009

Cupcake Par-tea!

My friend Kara and I are having a cupcake tea at the end of May! In Seattle last month, my mom took me to all the cupcake hotspots and I was addicted at once! My mom and her friends were planning a cupcake party, and I had to join the fun! I immediately called my friend who is a cupcake fanatic and we've been obsessing ever since. She had the cutest idea to have a cupcake while at Ikea this weekend I just had to have this little teaset! I thought it would be so cute to put mini cupcakes in them for the party. So here's a sneak peak.

While talking cupcakes at Kara's this weekend, her husband said we should just put the placecards in the mini-cupcakes we set at their places. So here's an idea for the was Kara's brilliant idea to have a sit-down set-up! I found the wire and wire cutters in my hubby's architecture supplies-it was SUPER easy to make.

By the way the background is a shower curtain I found at Ikea-it's going to be so cute as a tablecloth for the party.

Click here to see the adorable par-tea invites Kara made!

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An added bonus of the Ikea teaset was these mini ice cream cups! I love the mini cupcakes in them.


  1. So the cupcake tea is at your house?!? Interestink!

  2. Ah!!! I just love the little tea set with the cupcakes as placecards, how ingenious!!! They look lovely. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your cupcake tea :-)

  3. love them!!! way to go!! i'm so excited :). and thanks for the shout out!

  4. These are really lovely! I love the pastel colours, I came across your blog from flickr and I really love your 'where the wild things are' cupcake tower! very cool!