Saturday, April 11, 2009

Orange you glad it's Easter?

Here's the first cake I've ever decorated (other than writing happy birthday in messy writing)! I got the idea at Wal-mart in their Easter section. Everything is color-coded! The idea to use orange came from a fun store called Pioneer Party and Copy. They had cute premade birthday bags with everything orange (a Sun-Kist, Reese's, etc.) and a tag that said, "Orange You Glad It's Your Birthday?" Cute! So here's my Easter cake for the fam. I just used a cake mix in my new 6x4 inch round cake pan. I don't remember how long I left it in...I thought it looked done and took it out. Silly dodo that I am, I forgot all about the toothpick test! I was too excited to decorate, as usual. I added my orange bunny and jellybeans, and set up a photo shoot. My hubby gave me a new camera for my birthday last May, and I'm just now playing with all the settings. I love photography and look forward to practicing my skills on my new blog. By the way, this cake would be cute with jellybeans covering the entire cake; I just didn't have enough. I also tried to write "Orange you glad it's Easter?" with Wilton's edible food markers, but it didn't work. Maybe because I was writing on the side of the cake and the frosting wasn't that smooth? I'll need to try the markers again on something else to see if they work.

Note to self: Use a toothpick to stick in the center of your cake and make sure it comes out clean before taking the cake out of the oven! When we ate the cake on Easter, it was gooey in the middle. Oops!

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  1. You did a great job setting up your blog - it's adorable and it won't be long before you're a full-fledged dough-dough, instead of a dodo....if only you would have listened to your mom all those years ago...oh well, at least NOW you've come around! I'm so very proud of you and your little family and one day Baby Max will love looking back at this blog and seeing all that his mom does for him...and his baby sister, Issabella, who has the most beautiful big brown eyes, just like her grandma! Love, Mom