Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sock Monkey Nursery

So I uploaded these pictures in the order I wanted them, but they are backwards! It doesn't really matter except first I was going to talk about the sock monkey quilt pictured last...are you still with me? (If I've lost you, at least click on the link at the end of the post.)

I was having the hardest time deciding what to do for my son's nursery. We're not big sports fans, and I wanted it to be creative (and honestly, something that was challenging...I love the hunt when I pick a theme!). My mom made me the adorable sock monkey quilt and I was instantly a fan. Luckily, they were coming back in style and we found SO many cute things.

Above you'll see my son modeling his adorable sock monkey bib made from a talented seamstress/friend Roxanne. LOVE this sock monkey vampire!
A fun lamp from Ikea, pictured next to a cute sock monkey light switch cover.

Sock monkey clock, box, and blocks!
The walls were hand-painted by mom talented mom, who also made the valance. I chose the rope at Home Depot and we attached it and hung the monkeys. You'll also see on the changing table a diaper bag and changing pad my mom made, and a wipes holder and diaper holder that were gifts from a friend who loves finding things for themes as much as I do! Click on the pic if you want a better view.

My latest purchase...I found this jungle leaf bed canopy at Ikea! It matches perfectly. I REALLY want to use my hubby's idea to get more and alternate them on the ceiling so you feel like you are in the jungle...someday. Notice the night light-I love it!
The adorable sock monkey frames were also a gift from my friend. My mom made the sheets. I recently found the wall stickers (along with a HUGE sock monkey that I sadly had to walk away from)...the sock monkeys look so cute hanging from the tree!

Last but not least, you HAVE to click me, it's worth it. You'll laugh.

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